Magpie Swooping Season WA

PSA: It’s Officially Swoopy Boi Season So Keep Your Head Down!

byTroy Mutton
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If you’ve been down to the park near a body of water lately you may have noticed in increase in the number of ducklings and cygnets flapping about – just one of the many lovely aspects of spring when its springing!

The increased breeding isn’t confined to water level though, with magpie breeding season well under way which means it’s also Swoopy Boi Season!

As a result the Department Of Fire & Emergency Services Western Australia has just issued an official Swoop Notice For Western Australia. In the interest of leaving it to the professionals, we’ve embedded the post for your convenience below, but in terms of important information remember to try calming birds with compliments in a soothing tone as you walk away if in trouble!

Oh, and an ice cream tub also works as a helmet – be safe out there fam.

Image via Shutterstock / GPLama