Meet Doubleview’s Local Doers: Joslin Colli from The Bend

Doubleview Town Team The Bend Joslin Colli
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We like to bang on about how great (or rather, OK!) Perth is – but our greatness doesn’t just happen out of nowhere!

With a mission to create thriving, connected and empowered communities, Town Team Movement is all about “doers”.

We’re partnering up with Town Team Movement so we can shine a light on some of the people who help make our communities so unique, and just a few of the excellent initiatives they’re working on.

This week, we’re featuring Joslin Colli, one of the brains behind The Bend, Doubleview’s local Town Team.

Doubleview Town Team The Bend Joslin Colli

When new suburbs were established in Ellenbrook 15 years ago, Joslin recalls that a post box and a local deli were essential for communities to connect. Today, she offers a great perspective on the underlying reality of crafting a local network within a suburb.

Optimistic and determined to improve her locality, Joslin has years of experience working in local government – including handling the bureaucracy involved in creating community events.

Outside of her full-time position, Joslin devotes a portion of her time to The Bend; an active Town Team in Doubleview that owes its name to the last curve towards the ocean on Scarborough Beach Road.

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One of the events organised by The Bend was a successful soirée that was established a few years ago, welcoming about 500 residents at a local venue. 

Whilst benefiting from the support of their local government, The Bend, as well as other non-for-profit organisations faces challenges – like a high volume of paperwork and administrative duties that can overwhelm committee members, leading to disengagement due to higher priorities in their personal lives.

In spite of these challenges, Joslin strongly believes that active participation can be more powerful and of greater value than donation, with groups like Town Teams enabling and encouraging positive change within a place. Town Team is a place for anyone willing to be active, create and develop their personal and collaborative skills.

Doubleview Town Team The Bend Joslin Colli

As well as their communal projects creating profound and rewarding sense of connectedness, the willingness of a neighbourhood to come together and drive improvement in shared places will dictate their collective success and prosperity. 

Want to get involved and become a doer in your own community? Head to the Town Team Movement website to learn more.