Meet the pawsitively perfect pups of the Dogs’ Refuge Home!

Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Molly
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We know we’re not alone in going goo-goo for just about every doggo we encounter – but when you’re looking to take the leap from passing admirer to fully fledged pooch parent, there’s a way to do it responsibly.

The Dogs’ Refuge Home is absolutely chock-a-block with precious pups – in fact, they’ve been stretched way over capacity all year, with consistently more than double the dogs they’d normally care for!

You may have certain preconceived ideas about what dogs are able to be adopted from the Refuge Home… But with so many dogs of different ages and breeds in their care, you’ll almost certainly find your new furry friend – whether you’re looking to adopt an adorable puppy or give an older dog the best golden years ever.

Why don’t you get to know a few of the delightful dogs that are currently available to adopt?


Lovely Luna is a 5 year old Border Collie x American Staffy. This sweet, well mannered girl will make a wonderful companion, Luna is looking for a quiet where she can enjoy plenty of cuddles and a relaxing lifestyle. She can feel a little anxious at times and is choosy of her dog friends, so she’d prefer to be the only dog in the home so she can have you all to herself! She isn’t the dog park type of gal but she has made plenty of doggy friends with other polite, friendly dogs who respect her space. Luna is suitable for full time workers after a decent settling in period and once she is feeling totally comfortable in her new home.

Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Luna


Jellybean is full of life and curiosity and doesn’t want to miss the fun around! She is after an active owners who will include her in daily and weekend adventures. The girl can run and run and run, she would make the best fitness buddy, jogging, hiking, biking around town! Jellybean is a bouncy girl who sometimes forgets her manners, she’d love to learn some more tricks and sharpen up her manners with further training. After she uses up all that energy she jumps onto your lap and tries to convince you that she is a 5kg lap dog!

Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Jellybean


Willow is a super sweet girl. She is a 4 year old Shar Pei x Labrador and she takes a bit of time to build her confidence with new people but once she does she loves to soak up all the affection. Willow can make new dog friends but she also can be unsure and fearful, as a result from not being socialised at a young age. It is important work is put into her in this regard so she can be set up for success in these scenarios, an experienced dog owner and further training guidance will help set Willow up for success. This girl will prefer a quiet home and lifestyle. She really is a lovely sweet girl who deserves the chance at her best life.

Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Willow


The biggest boy with the biggest heart. Ceasar is a 4 year old Mastiff and is such a lovely boy with a tail that does not stop wagging! His new family better clear their coffee table as he’ll be showing them just how happy he is every day. This big boy is full of love and looking for a forever home with people who can take him out on lots of rewarding adventures, he is so excited to see all the sights and kiss all the people. Ceasar has a bit to learn when it comes to appropriate manners and polite greetings, he’s so full of love and just can’t contain him self at this stage. He has tested well with dogs at the refuge and could live with a doggy friend of similar stature.

Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Ceasar


Molly is 5 months old and full of beans, she is the happiest, goofiest, most playful pup and she can’t wait to come home with you! A family who has plenty of time for her ongoing training and socialisation would be best, she will also need plenty of company as she settles into her new home. She LOVES other dogs and would adore a doggy brother to go home with!

Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Molly


The sweetest senior! At 10 years old he didn’t think he’d find himself at the Refuge for the second time in his life. He is absolute love bug, his favourite spot is right next to you, he will be your shadow and follow you wherever you go. As he has entered his golden years he prefers the slow life, gentle walks about 20 minutes is plenty for him. Have you got the perfect retirement home for this sweet boy?

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Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Hunta


Cooee is the Refuge’s resident Dingo; he is 6 years old and will need to go home with owners who have a little knowledge about Dingo behaviour or willing to read up on this. He is a sweet boy but can be very aloof at times and he likes things to be on his terms, he acts more like a cat than a dog! He will need a calm home with low foot traffic and minimum visitors would be great for this sweet boy to settle in after such a long time in kennel life!

Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Cooee


Miss Lulu is an absolute queen who cannot be faulted. A gentle giant who deserves so much love in return. She is friendly, polite, loving, gentle and has wonderful manners. She will suit a family where she is spoilt with love and affection, this sweetie deserves the best of the best. We are convinced Lulu was made with sunshine, love and all things sweet! At 7 years old she has hit her golden years and is ready to live the good life, basking in the sun and enjoying gentle walks with her family. At home she will happily snooze by your feet and follow you everywhere you go.

Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Lulu


This 5 month old puppy boy is looking for a forever home with people who can take him out on lots of rewarding adventures. The kennel is no place for a teething puppy and Nero is feeling a little stressed at the moment. He will need patient and gentle owners who can help set him up for success. Enrolling Nero into group doggy training classes will be essential for his new owners to keep up his training and socialisation with dogs! Nero is currently most suited to family who are home more often than not, in time after he has grown up a little and had a good settling in period Nero may be able to be left alone for longer periods of time. This fun loving boy could go home with kids 10+ or a well-mannered doggy friend, pending a meet and greet.

Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Nero


This handsome boy is a Rotti owners dream, he has a sweet and friendly nature and loves playing tug or snoozing in the sun. He has great basic manners and loads of potential for further training but is looking for a home with older teens or adults only please – he wants to be your only baby! At 5 years old he is entering his middle ages era but is still very puppy like, sadly he wasn’t socialised much as a young pup which has resulted in Bear having some awkward social skills – he can make friends but needs to be matched well. If you’re an experienced Rottweiler owner this could be the boy for you!

Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home Bear

Fallen in love? Head to the Dogs’ Refuge Home website to find out more about the dogs that are available to adopt, or pop into 30 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park to meet a few in person!