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Mandy West Perth Local Town Team
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We like to bang on about how great (or rather, OK!) Perth is – but our greatness doesn’t just happen out of nowhere!

With a mission to create thriving, connected and empowered communities, Town Team Movement is all about “doers”.

We’re partnering up with Town Team Movement so we can shine a light on some of the people who help make our communities so unique, and just a few of the excellent initiatives they’re working on.

This week, we’re featuring Mandy McEvoy, one of the brains behind West Perth Local, one of West Perth’s local Town Teams.

Mandy West Perth Local Town Team

An active business hub crowded with workers and visitors during trading hours, West Perth is home to approximately 6000 people including Mandy, a resident since 2016.

With an ever expanding community, West Perth Local was initiated in 2017 with the intent of bringing together residents, local businesses and visitors – building networks for those operating within its precinct.

Mandy’s initial involvement in the West Perth Local a couple of years ago came from a strong desire to contribute to community activation and put residents’ voices at the forefront of the committee’s agenda.

An inspired and passionate change-maker, Mandy decided to leave her corporate job a few years ago to dedicate her time connecting people and building more resilient communities. As co-chair she envisions a place-making mechanism that would help to make West Perth a more active, dynamic and welcoming suburb, with a strong belief that collectivity is fostered through public spaces that are accessible, safe and inviting.

West Perth Local identifies place-making – a core principle of every Town Team – as the collaborative creation of inclusive and tangible ways for people to connect and enjoy a place. For the past three consecutive years, the immersive West Perth Heritage Week Trail has aimed to create a space for locals to build valuable connections while making a sense of belonging to a place where creativity meets history.

Mandy West Perth Local Town Team

Locally to West Perth, the movement has been embraced by around 40 active community members. Recently, the committee has run a safety forum, allowing local residents to discuss and address issues pertaining to the area. The success of West Perth Local has also enabled it to extend its reach to the the City of Perth as it aims to expand connections for local residents to the broader community.

Want to get involved and become a doer in your own community? Head to the Town Team Movement website to learn more.

Photography and interview by Ophelie Barbeau, edited by Perth is OK!

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