Taking A Booze Break This July? 8 Perth Venues Are Ramping Up Their 0% Offerings Just For You

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Australia’s love affair with alcohol is long and filled with good times (along with plenty of regret), but as we enter a new age of healthier living the demand for non-alcoholic beverages in public settings is certainly on the rise.

Earlier this year the first fully alcohol free bar opened in Melbourne, and while Perth is probably a little ways off there yet, the supply is definitely beginning to catch up with demand.

And this July hospitality group Australian Venue Co are getting in on the action, launching a Zero Proof Drinks List on July 1 at their eight Perth venues, to go with 57 nationwide.

Which is great news for folks partaking in this year’s Dry July while still wanting to socialise with pals, or those who just need a bit of a break after a libatious first half of 2021.

The list will provide customers with genuine zero- and low-alcohol alternatives to alcoholic counterparts like Espresso Martinos, Nogronis, Amalfi Spritz’s and a Dark & Spicy to name a few.

“At AVC, we understand what our customers want and are proud to be the first hospitality group to roll-out a zero proof drinks list at scale… With our new Zero Proof cocktail list and low alcohol range, there’s no reason to feel left out on a night out,” says Australian Venue Co Chief Marketing Officer Kylie Moncur.

Check out the full Zero Proof Drinks List below, and find the full list of AVC venues, which includes Wolf Lane, The Globe, The Guildford and The Aviary, HERE.

Heineken O (0% 33oml)
Heaps Normal Quiet XPA (<0.5% 355ml)
Nort Pale Ale (<0.5% 330ml)

McGuigan Zero Sparkling (0% 200ml)
McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc (0% 187ml)
McGuigan Zero Rose (0% 187ml)
McGuigan Zero Shiraz (0% 187ml)

Zero Proof Spirit Drinks (recommended with tonic and orange slice)
Seedlip Spice
Lyre’s Dry London Spirit
Lyre’s White Cane Spirit
Lyre’s Spiced Cane Spirit
Lyre’s American Malt

Zero Proof Cocktails
Espresso Martino – Lyre’s Original Coffee Spirit, Lyre’s White Cane Spirit, Cold Drip Espresso & Vanilla
Nogroni – Lyre’s Dry London Spirit, Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso & Bitters
Amalfi Spritz – Lyre’s Italian Spritz, McGuigan Zero Sparkling, Bitters & Soda
Berry Tiki – Lyre’s Dry London Spirit, Mix Berry, Falernum & Lime
Dark & Spicy – Lyre’s Spiced Cane Spirit, Ginger Beer & Lime
Smooth Operator – Lyre’s Dry London Spirit, Hazelnut, Caramel & Apple Juice