“This is do or die for us.” Northbridge fave The Bird announces huge fundraising effort to “keep flying”

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Since 2010 The William Street Bird AKA The Bird has been a fixture of Perth’s music scene, supporting a diverse array of artists, musicians and communities throughout its tenure.

And now, The Bird is calling on Perth’s support, citing changing consumer habits and the financial ramifications of a post-COVID world as issues becoming too difficult to overcome on their own.

“Venues across Australia, like Melbourne’s cherished Tote and Sydney’s iconic Enmore Theatre, are grappling with similar challenges, and although we’ve fought for a long time, it’s our turn on the chopping block,” says director Kabir Ramasary.

“This is do or die for us, and so we’re calling on our community for help.”

The Bird Fundraiser

Enter the just-announced Keep The Bird Flying campaign, a two-fold initiative that hopes to re-engage the community while raising funds via a series of themed gigs in January and February next year.

These gigs come with a somewhat unique spin with a $100 ticket price, which sounds steep until you factor in that ticket includes a four-hour free-flowing drinks package for every punter!

Those gigs have also just been announced, traversing indie-rock/pop, hip hop, alt and queer parties with some of Perth’s finest artists and crews.

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The Bird Fundraiser

Alongside the series is a crowdfunding campaign hosted by Australian Cultural Fund with a goal of $25,000 and an overall aim to raise $100,000, looking to keep the venue going, staff employed and revitalising the space for a new generation of artists, audiences and general pub-goers.

“By supporting this fundraiser, you’re making a statement—that the arts matter, that diversity matters, that community matters,” says Ramasary.

“Support The Bird and keep its song alive and flying. Every donation, big or small, will ensure that the song of The Bird never fades.”

For more information on how you can help head to linktr.ee/thebird.

Image credit: Troy Mutton, Supplied