Northbridge Noise Level Limits Locked In By City Of Perth To Protect Venues In The Precinct

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Overnight the City of Perth Council supported a motion brought forward by Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas that would allow higher noise limits in the Northbridge entertainment precinct.

Known as Amendment 41 in the City of Perth City Planning Scheme 2, it essentially raises allowable noise levels for hospitality venues in the popular nightlife precinct, protecting them from complaints from current and future residents.

There was some compromise, with Council officers originally proposing a 90dB limit, which was raised to 95dB, a move welcomed by Australian Hotels Association (AHA) CEO Bradley Woods.

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“The Amendment 41 process has been complex and long, but we now have a solution that recognises the importance of protecting the hospitality industry, which has long played a critical role in Northbridge,” said Mr Woods.

“Residents who live or move into Northbridge do so with the knowledge that it is a vibrant entertainment precinct and that there will inevitably be noise. This is evidenced by the very low number of noise complaints in Northbridge that the City of Perth receives each year.”

Mr Woods added it was crucial the move that provides some certainty moving forward to current and future businesses in the area.

“Importantly, the decision by Council will not see the noise levels emitted by venues increase, but it provides certainty for current licensees and recognises Northbridge for its significance as the State’s premier entertainment area.”

The Amendment 41 passed by Council now heads to the WA Planning Commission for assessment, before a recommendation is presented to the Minister for Planning for determination.