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One of Australia/the world’s best sporting stadiums just got a little more environmentally-friendly thanks to the addition of 460 new Containers for Change bins throughout the venue.

According to Optus Stadium, more 2.2 million drink containers are sold at the stadium every year, with around 71% of that massive number recycled through the stadium’s former system.

The new Containers for Change bin-jection is hoped to save more than 600,000 recyclable containers from landfill every year, with the not-for-profit organisation behind Containers for Change congratulating the stadium.

“Our community is doing an excellent job recycling their 10¢ containers at home,” said WA Return Recycle Renew (WARRRL) CEO Tim Cusack.

“However, more than one million 10¢ containers are still discarded into general waste bins each day by people when out and about.”

Containers for Change optus stadium
L-R Simon Garlick (CEO Fremantle Dockers), Tim Cusack (CEO WARRRL), Environment Minister Reece Whitby, Mike McKenna (CEO VenuesLive), Bailey Banfield (Fremantle Dockers Player)

Cusack reiterated the importance of access to public exchange points, saying it gives the community a better chance at disposing recyclable waste carefully while out at events.

“We warmly welcomed the engagement from VenuesLive as they sought solutions that would enable a 90 to 100% container recycling rate at Optus Stadium and congratulate them and Veolia on their commitment to resource recovery,” he said.

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The bright green 240L bins will be positioned across the stadium’s public concourses, premium public terraces and a number of back-of-house locations, and are able to hold up to 240 eligible drinks containers.

“Containers for Change has been a part of Western Australia for almost three years and has seen over two billion containers recycled in that time,” Mr Cusack said.

“It is the most recognised recycling program in WA, and we encourage other entertainment precincts workplaces, hospitality venues, accommodation and businesses big and small to get on board and engage with us to establish container recycling options.”

For more information on Containers for Change’s support options for businesses, head here.

Image Credit: Supplied/Daniel Carson