Get The Best View In The House With A New Viewing Platform On The Roof Of Optus Stadium

bySally Hall
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We’ve already talked about the exhilarating experience of climbing Optus Stadium’s HALO – but things are getting taken to another level – literally!

Construction has begun on a new viewing platform on the roof of the stadium, which will hang over the edge and offer 360-degree views of the field and spectacular views around the stadium.

Shaped like a ring-pull, up to 30 harnessed visitors will be able to experience the platform at one time – and even hang over the edge if they’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie!

A key component of the project was that it be accessible to all ages and fitness levels, as well as to wheelchair users, with visitors able to reach the platform via lift if needed.

42 metres high and extending five metres from the roof, the platform is due to open before the start of next year’s AFL season. Now that’s something to crack a tinnie over!

You can find out more about the new platform HERE, or book in for a spectacular twilight climb of the existing HALO tour HERE.

Images via Optus Stadium.