Have Medicine Safely Delivered To Your Doorstep In Under 3 Hours With This New App

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Hands up if you’re constantly chasing your tail on any given day, spending too long at work and not enough time getting the little errands done that’d make life a lot easier, like shopping and nipping down to the chemist.

And while it’s pretty easy to get your shopping delivered these days, up until recently going to the pharmacy has been another one of those annoying little things you always had to do in person.

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Enter Packapill – a digital health on-demand platform, offering access to GPs via video consult (in under 15 minutes!) and pharmacies, kinda like an Uber Eats for chemists and GPs. The peer-to-peer marketplace provides customers access to prescriptions, e-scripts and over-the-counter medications delivered from your preferred pharmacy to your door in under three hours.

It’s a simple, convenient and safe way to manage your healthcare, operating through an online App (for deliveries and GP consults),  plus they’ve also set up an online shop for same or next business day delivery of RAT kits.

Importantly, Packapill prices resemble in-store product prices, with the app just charging a flat fee for delivery within three hours, done so in a tamper-proof bag by a network of accredited delivery drivers.

But don’t just take our word for it, download the Packapill App HERE or head to the Packapill Website today to explore your options, and use the codeword “PERTHISOK” to get $10 off and free delivery until March 31*!

*Offer excludes prescribe items, RAT kits and GP Consult. Valid only in your first App purchase. Perth metro area coverage.