Tired Of Ordinary Internet? This Perth-Based Telco Is Changing The Game Again – And You Can Be A Part Of It!

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We love to joke about how slow internet speeds are in Perth in 2022, but not quite as much as it makes us pull our hair out! We dunno about you guys but some of us can’t even have wi-fi on our phones switched on and stream Netflix at the same time.

Pentanet is a Perth-based telco in the business of impactful innovation, specifically when it comes to bringing Western Australia’s internet up to speed, and if that’s something you care about their new initiative should be on your digital antenna.

Pentanet’s new neXus gigabit wireless smart mesh network eschews the troubled nbn network we have now in favour of high-speed wireless internet connection using their exclusive mesh technology creating a ‘fibre though the air’ experience.

Basically, while traditional fixed wireless connections require an uninterrupted line of sight between towers and connected premises, neXus employs Terragraph technology and a unique mesh design to overcome traditional obstacles. This provides subscribers with multiple connection points creating a mesh of connected premises working together for smart high-performance connectivity (over 10x faster than the average Australian fixed broadband connection).

Pentanet’s neXus is also a next-generation smart mesh, so unlike standard nbn which gives you just one avenue to connect (and you’re stuck with what you got in the rollout!), neXus will constantly be searching for the optimal route for the best connection pathway with the highest performance.

Essentially it becomes faster and more resilient as it grows, which is where you come in!

Pentanet Nexus Tech

Pentanet are looking for Perth’s early adopters, tech heads, work from homers and general lovers of fast internet to register their interest today, which in turn will help inform where around town they need to start their infrastructure rollout.

So do your gigabit today and nominate your suburb for Pentanet’s neXus network today via THIS LINK – registration is free and helps fight the good fight against ordinary internet.