The Price Of Fuel Will Hit 199.9c At Some Fuel Stations Around Perth Tomorrow

byPerth Is OK Staff
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Yowser…or should we say Bowser!

According to the FuelWatch website petrol prices around Western Australia are set rise over 30c in some places tomorrow, tapping out at 199.9 at dozens of locations around the city.

Over the past few months we’ve slowly been getting used to the Wednesday price hike, but tomorrow’s 199.9c price tag in some locations is 35c higher than the $1.64 average over the past six months to October 2021.

The cheapest fuel can still be found down around the 160c mark, with Costco near the airport the lowest at 159.7, with a variety of outer suburbs also staying around the low 160c mark.

According to FuelWatch, there are more than 150 locations between Rockingham and Joondalup which will go up to 199.9 tomorrow.

We’d like to take this moment to wish you luck at the servo if you plan on filling up this afternoon/tonight.

Image: Shutterstock