Friday 3 December We’re Asking You To Knock Off Work Early To Celebrate Perth Is OK! Day

Perth Is OK Day
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File this one under “excuses to knock off work early on a Friday disguised as hair-brain Perth Is OK! scheme.”

Are you ready for a new annual celebration marking the beginning of summer, the start of the silly season, the final spring fling before festivus begins? We cordially invite you to join us in celebrating the first ever PERTH IS OK! DAY! Something we cooked up while looking out the window of another wet and miserable spring afternoon, dreaming of the warm summer that awaits.

Taking place henceforth on the first Friday of December every year, we want the people of Perth to celebrate the beginning of summer – and living in the best city on Earth – by knocking off work a little earlier than normal and getting amongst it.

We’ve reached out to a bunch of our favourite hospo venues to extend happy hour too, kicking off at 3pm until 5pm, meaning there’s no better excuse to clock off work a little earlier, enjoy a tipple in the afternoon sunshine and celebrate our city in very Perth fashion: with a few arvo bevvies amongst friends. We’ll even help you out – we’ve knocked up a little permission slip template to show your no-doubt very understanding boss, which you can then show at one of the venues at the bottom of this article for a special Perth Is OK! Day Happy Hour discount.

This is of course just the beginning; in the coming years we envision Perth Is OK! Day to enter full blown public holiday status (we need more Friday public holidays anyway), a day of gratitude for our cool little corner of the world.

See you in a couple of Friday’s time (seriously, it’s also our Christmas party so we’ll be enjoying some of these specials ourselves).

$10 Espresso Martini
$2 Off schooners
$2 Off wines by the glass

Brown Street Grill 
$30 Wood oven roasted spear lobster, garlic butter and peach salsa with a pint of Bright Tank’s East Perth Lager

$9 Piccolo Cocktails: Negroni, Basil Gimlet, or Aperol Spritz
$7 Glass Wine
$5 Beers

Mayfair Lane
$10 Aperol Spritz
$10 Malfy Sour

Neon Palms  
$12 Tropical Fizz – Flor de cana 4, mango, peach, lime, bubbles
$12 Aperol Sour – Aperol, lime, whites, nerds
$11 Risky Business – Seagrams, grapefruit, agave, citrus, bubbles
$13 Flightless Bird – Corazon blanco, kiwi fruit, citrus soda
$8 Tap Beer & Quiet Minds Riesling
$7 Berry Seltzer

$12 Negronis, $12 Campari Spritz
$8 Pints of Eagle Bay Kolsch
$8 Glass of Unico Zelo Esoterico 2021
The Rechabite 
Double Rainbow & Hello Rooftop Bar: $20 Beer & Bao

The Standard
$15 Spritz – Aperol Spritz, Strawberry Spice & Zingy Zip.

Willis at The Royal
$12 Spritz – Choose from Bizzaro (Bizzaro aperitif, Pet Nat, Rosemary, Soda), Aperol (Aperol, Prosecco, Soda) &  Pampelle (Pampelle Grapefruit Aperitif, Prosecco, Soda).

The Old Synagogue:
Extensive range of 18 craft and local tap beers ALL $10 at Crafternoons At Mr Chapple.

The Guildford Hotel:
$15 signature spritz’s between 3-4pm (usually $20) – Watermelon Spritz, Gin & Blackberry Spritz, Lychee Pineapple Spritz.

Market Grounds:
$12 signature Gintonicas from 3-5pm.

Scarborough Beach Bar:
$10 signature Gintonicas on the sundeck overlooking Scarborough Beach from 3-5pm.

The Flour Factory, Hadiqa, Varnish on King & Caballitos:
Caballitos’ Tommy’s Margarita; The Flour Factory’s Watermelon Sugar High; Hadiqa’s Turkish Delight Martini; Varnish on King’s classic Whiskey Sour ALL $10 between 3-5pm (Caballitos opens at 4pm).

Good Company:
Grab a Mai Tai “My Everything” or Pina Colada for $15 from 3-5pm.

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The Elford:
My Pink Lady cocktail – $15 from 3-5pm.

Lucky Shag:
Christmas Watermelon Margarita for $8 from 3-5pm.

Foxtrot Unicorn:
Enjoy a Hibiscus Highlite (Swan valley gin, Adelaide Hills vermouth, hibiscus, lemon and soda) for $16; Late Harvest Spritz (Bianco vermouth, elderflower, lemon, bitters & tonic) for $14; or an epic Cheese Jaffle for $10 until 5pm.

$8 house spirits gin, rum, vodka, bourbon and tequila + house red and white wine, sparkling and tap beer.