A Perth legend has won the infamous downhill cheese-rolling race in England

Dylan Twiss with cheese wheel won in Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Race
Image CreditJacob King/PA
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Ever heard of the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Race in Gloucester, England?

NO? Well, listen up, because the new champ is from Perth!

Dylan Twiss was the fastest to roll after an innocent wheel of cheese down the 183m muddy hill in England, and he’s bringing the big prize (the cheese) back home with him.

The aim of the race is to run, dive and slide down the slope while avoiding getting mixed up with other competitors and avoid serious injury.

It is quick too, with the 3-kilogram wheel of cheese reaching speeds over 100km per hour.

But it’s a simple format, as the first person to make it to the bottom wins the cheese – but more than that, they win the pride that comes with being the fastest cheese chaser in the land.

Dylan narrowly claimed victory over a British man in second place who was dressed up as a gorilla in the second men’s race. It was no nonsense from Dylan though, he wore a black singlet and footy shorts – fair dinkum.

Chasing a speeding wheel of Double Gloucester cheese down a muddy hill on the other side of the world doesn’t sound like a fun time, nor something you’d find a man from Perth doing.

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But for Dylan, it was high on his list of priorities for his current trip to the UK.

“I was trying to stay on my feet then I started rolling so I just had to go with it,” he said. “Every time I found my feet were on the ground I took another couple of steps.”

It wasn’t all smooth cheese-racing though as he picked up a gash on his leg in the race.

No fear, the Perth champion sent a message to his sceptical mates back home: “Fellas, I told you I’d win it. So, there we go!”

Image credit: Jacob King/PA