Perth Walking Man

There’s A New Doco About Perth’s “Walking Man” Available To Watch On ABC iView

byTroy Mutton
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If you ever drove or walked along Stirling Hwy in the decades leading up to 2020 there’s a very good chance you noticed the “Walking Man”.

Often seen carrying bags or pushing something, he had a hunched back and generally shuffled rather than walked.

That mysterious man, Ross Seaton, is the subject a new documentary available to stream right now on ABC iView, examined through the lens of Professor Ted Snell and directed by Luna Laure.

The 28 minute doco looks at the life, and art, of one of Perth’s most mysterious figures (who passed away in 2020), and we get the feeling there’ll be plenty of readers out there who’ll be interested.

You can listen to an interview on the ABC with Professor Snell and Executive Producer Brendan Hutchens HERE, and watch the doco for free on ABC iView HERE.

Header Image: A still from ‘The Walking Man’ via ABC.