Perth Zoo’s last two elephants will likely leave us for South Australia next year

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Perth Zoo has announced that Monarto Safari Park in South Australia has emerged as the frontrunner to take WA’s last two elephants next year.

The move was first announced back in 2018, and made official after the passing of Perth Zoo’s elephant matriarch Tricia last year, pictured above with the zoo’s other female elephant, Permai.

Permai has been missing Tricia since her passing, to the point where action has had to be taken to ensure her survival and the continuing success of the Asian Elephant conservation project.

“While our keepers provide exemplary love and care, our South Perth site can’t accomodate a functioning herd with multiple individuals,” said the Zoo in a post to their website earlier today.

Permai will be joined by joined by the last remaining Perth Zoo elephant, Putra Mas, with training already beginning to get them ready for the trip.

Monarto has kicked off a fundraising campaign to establish their new elephant enclosure, which will be home to Permai, Putra Mas and a third elephant from Auckland Zoo, Burma.

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“The new habitat at Monarto Safari Park will be 15 hectares, giving the elephants more room to roam,” said Perth Zoo.

Creating a new herd in South Australia supports the long-term sustainability of the regional elephant conservation program.

“It will enable more people to experience elephants and learn about them, to support the vital work we do to protect the species and ensure they remain for future generations.”

You’ve still got time to visit Permai and Putras Mas though, with the Zoo saying: “Moving elephants is a mammoth operation and it won’t happen overnight, so you still have plenty of time to visit your elephant friends!”

Head to the Perth Zoo website for more info.