Petition to save last remaining gum tree in Alexander Heights hits 9,000 signatures

Alexander Heights Gum Tree Removal
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Residents of Alexander Heights have collected over 9,000 signatures on a petition to save a gum tree set for removal.

The City of Wanneroo councillors agreed to remove the gum tree located in Cordelia Place at an Ordinary Council Meeting on 23 April 2024.

This came after a request from a resident via a petition that was signed by 12 residents.

But now, an online petition to save the tree has 9,338 signatures (at the time publish) as residents feel the removal of the tree is a ‘poor decision’ from the council.

Wanneroo Tree Advocates group administrator Wendy Garstone launched the petition on April 30 following council’s decision to remove one of the trees, saying, “We believe this is a poor decision with the fact that a street tree is owned by the council and it’s a shared amenity…

“It’s to send a message to those councillors that the urban forest is dwindling, and we need to look after what we have.”

The tree in question is in good health, confirmed by a council-run assessment.

Residents against the removal of the tree have argued that as it is in good health, and is the only mature tree on the street, it provides valuable habitat for birdlife and is part of the landscape of the wider neighbourhood.

The petition askes City of Wanneroo councillors to reconsider their decision, however the Wanneroo Tree Advocates group has accepted the council won’t accept a petition.

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A spokesperson from the city confirmed the tree will be removed and replaced with another tree, and the other two remaining trees (both Angophora Costata) will be maintained in accordance with the street tree policy.

“The city is committed to improving its canopy coverage and will replace the tree with a suitable species as part of its 2024 tree planting program,” a city spokesperson said.

“Administration undertook an investigation and determined the trees were in good health and could continue to be managed in accordance of the city’s street tree policy.”

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Image Credit: Google Maps