This free online course is helping people to create stronger communities and places around Perth

Placemaking Perth
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If you like the idea of turning public spaces into places that are comfortable, accessible, sociable and loveable, then let us introduce you to the concept of “placemaking”!

It’s a collaborative approach to creating public spaces for people to enjoy, come together and feel connected to.

And our friends at Town Team Movement are on a mission to make it happen in Western Australia, teaming up with the global custodian of the placemaking movement PlacemakingX to launch Placemaking.Education.

A response to the car-dominated, unsafe environments we so often find in modern urban areas, the philosophy seeks to create people-friendly areas that help improve how a person relates to themselves, their neighbours and their world.

Placemaking Perth

Placemaking.Education is an online training hub for those interested in learning more about, and putting into practice, the most important placemaking concepts, tips and lessons.

If you’re wondering what this is all about, head to the Placemaking.Education website for the free 12-minute course that lays it all out nice and neatly for you.

It’s accessible to anyone who wants to improve their local community, from local businesses and government officials, to professionals and anyone with an interest in the benefits of placemaking.

For local government staff in WA, all courses are free until mid-2024 thanks to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries who are covering the costs for the sector to do this!

Head to Placemaking.Education now to find out more, and get some inspiration on how to bring your community together!

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