An Immersive New VR Experience Has Just Launched In The Cultural Centre As Part Of FRINGE WORLD

Mirage Mahal
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After blowing minds and winning a host of awards with their debut VR experience at FRINGE WORLD 2020, Perth-based 3D and virtual reality (VR) studio Mirage Mahal return this year with a brand new show – PLAYGROUND VR.

The show has been conceived, produced and built all in-house at Mirage Mahal, with participants offered the chance to go on a journey filled with joy and wonder, just like the local playground when we were kids.

Letting your mind run free while playing against your friends, PLAYGROUND VR features two thrilling experiences set within a bright and bubbly play around right in the middle of the Perth Cultural Centre, just across the way from PICA Bar.

Playground VR

Don an Oculus Quest and be launched into a high-octane race track that draws inspo, and is filled with easter eggs from, Perth, or take the skies, flap your wings and soar the the heavens collecting jewels along the way.

“Playground VR tugs at something deep inside us all, our inner child who wasn’t burdened by the reservations of adulthood, who lived in the moment and made their own fun, who dreamt of magical worlds to escape to within their mind,” says Director & Creative Producer John Trewenack. “That freedom used to be a memory, but with virtual reality we can jump start that feeling once again, and remind ourselves of the joy that it was to be simply, childish.”

In addition to crazy visuals, Mirage Mahal have also employed the talents of ARIA Award winning Birds Of Tokyo multi-instrumentalist Glenn Sarangapany (Panda Candy) to score both experiences.

PLAYGROUND VR can be found at the base of the steps in the Perth Cultural Centre, and you can book tickets now via the FRINGE WORLD Website.

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