Winter Is Here: Potential For Snow At Bluff Knoll With Big Cold Fronts On The Way

byPerth Is OK Staff
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While you’ve probably noticed some very chilly days and more rain in the past few days, the ABC is reporting Western Australia will be copping its first serious cold snap for the year over the coming days.

A raft of cold fronts are about to make their way over the State, with the first (you may have noticed) already making its presence felt, with temperatures set to only reach a maximum of 16 degrees celcius around the metro area tomorrow, following a minimum of 10 degrees overnight.

It also means there is potential for some snow to appear on Bluff Knoll, according Bureau Of Meteorology forecaster Luke Huntington: “It is potentially cold enough for a light dusting of snow on Saturday morning… It’s really only a light chance at this stage, and it will be more of a sleet or snow flurry scenario.”

And while we know the hikers among you out there can find the chance of snow on Bluff Knoll a tempting prospect, increased caution is advised in the potentially treacherous weather conditions.

The forecast for Perth for the rest of week reads very chilly, with temperatures staying under 20 degrees, and Tuesday looking like a windy, showery day and a maximum of only 15 degrees.

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