Rewalty Food Ordering App

Have You Jumped On Rewalty Yet? The WA-Based Food Ordering App Keeping Service Fees Down

byPerth Is OK Staff
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We know that feeling – you’re comfy on the couch and you feel like getting something delicious delivered… But those delivery apps don’t always make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, do they?

Delivery drivers often don’t get a great deal, and cafes and restaurants are hit hard by fees, forcing them to increase their prices on other paces, meaning we’re paying the premium.

Luckily, since Rewalty hit the scene things are changing, and we’ve been feeling a lot less torn.

The WA-based start-up has the industry’s lowest commission rates for both merchants and drivers – making it a sustainable, viable option for your favourite local restaurants, for the drivers out on the roads, and ultimately us, the users.

They’ve recently expanded into New South Wales to bring the same savings over east, which is largely thanks to such a strong support base and community here in the west!

Rewalty’s added benefit is that you can also make your takeaway work for you: each time you use the app, you can earn points on their innovative blockchain-based loyalty program. What does that mean for you? Points that don’t lose value over time, and can be used at any Rewalty merchant.

There are plenty of ways to earn extra points, too, like sharing photos of your meals, submitting reviews, watching ads from local restaurants or referring friends. 

Currently fanging for a feed? You can download the app by clicking HERE.

If you’ve just opened your restaurant and want to get involved as a merchant, check out their website HERE for more information.