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Picture this: it’s Sunday morning and you’re a little too hungover to make the drive to your go-to hangover-cure spot, so you fire up a food app and place your order.

You know it’s not the best, and that your fave restaurant’s ultimately losing out thanks to exorbitant commission rates and the delivery rider…well you can’t even think about them at this point, such is the guilt that washes over you.

Well we’ve got some exciting news for you to help ease some of that Sunday morning hangxiety (or whenever you use food ordering apps) – there’s a new kid in town AND it’s a Western Australia-based start-up!

Rewalty is the brainchild of CEO Kevin Coutinho, and along with offering delivery, table service and pickup ordering, customers are rewarded with blockchain-based REWA Loyalty Points to spend at any merchant on the network.

In addition to REWA Points just for just ordering, customers can also gain further points by snapping and tagging photos of their meals, in the process helping merchants in terms of feedback and menu improvements.

Customers can become ‘Rewalty Influencers’ and save money by sharing their food pics.

The real power however is in their fee offerings, which are capped at up to 10% for restaurants, while delivery riders pay 0%, which ultimately ends in everyone winning.

“Because our suite of services is holistic, we’re not relying on just one offering to generate revenue. For this reason, we can offer the industry’s lowest commissions,” says Rewalty CIO Valery Sherman. “Customers want to support their favourite restaurants, but they haven’t had a better option… We’re empowering a hospitality network by providing a service customers and merchants can rely on.”

Rewalty launched at the start of the year and can be downloaded via the APP STORE and Google Play, and if you’re a restaurant who’s interested in joining the network you can get more info via the Rewalty WEBSITE.

Header image: Sara Fiordi, Manager at Rewalty merchant, Milan Gelato