Motion In The Ocean! Rock Lobster Back Of Boat Sale Limits Have Doubled

Rock lobster back of boat sales have doubled just in time for Christmas.
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We reckon a few dining tables will be heaving with lobsters this festive season – including ours.

Just in time for Christmas, licensed commercial lobster fishers are now able to sell up to 400 lobsters per landing, doubling what was previously allowed. Responding to a request from the Western Rock Lobster Council, the increased allocation will be on offer over December, and will allow for fishers to keep up with demand over Christmas.

Outside of December, fishers can sell 200 lobsters per landing – which is also double the previous limit. And that means double the lobster for us!

The Back Of Boat (BOB) program was initiated last year, and since then over 91 000 western rock lobsters have been sold across 19 landing areas along the WA coast. “During last December alone, 27,489 kilograms (or approximately 45,500 lobsters) were sold to the WA community through back of boat sales,” Fisheries Minister Don Punch said in a statement

“By effectively doubling the daily quota for back of boat sales, fishers will be able to meet growing demand from Western Australians over the festive period while also developing new local supply chain opportunities.”

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