Say hi to The Australovenator: A 6.3m-long dino sculpture has popped up in South Perth

Australovenator South Perth
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2023 just so happens to be the 30th anniversary of the movie Jurassic Park, so it seems fitting that our obsession with those behemoths of the past only seems to grow every year.

Perth has already had its fair share of dino fun this year (with more to come), and if you’re in South Perth over the next couple of months we’ve found a new one for you to discover!

“The Australovenator” is a brand new sculpture from renowned artist Jordan Sprigg, and before it takes up permanent residence in Broome airport later this year, it has a temporary home on the Mindeerup Artwalk!

The dinosaur is an Australian therapod first unearhted in Northern Queensland in 2006, instantly striking with its long legs and forearms, and deadly 7-inch claws on its feet.


Sprigg’s sculpture combines recycled metals from Western Australia and comes in at a whopping 6.3m long and 2.7m tall, weighing in at 750kg!

“My biggest sculpture to date; This guy measures 6.3m long from nose to tail and stands 2.7m tall. He is constructed from a variety of recycled metal collected through the Eastern-Wheatbelt and the talons and claws from high-grade stainless steel, said Sprigg via Facebook. “He took me around 550 hrs to construct and weighs around 750kg.”

And before it lands at its forever home of Broome Airport, you can go and pay it a visit in South Perth near Rambla on Swan (right near the Rhino sculpture) from now until August 15.

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