Scarborough Esplanade Is Trialling Pedestrian Road Closures Two Nights A Week Next Month

Scarborough Beach Road Closures 2022
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Along with last week’s news that sections of Northbridge will shut off to cars on Friday and Saturday nights, the City Of Stirling has announced a similar plan for the Scarborough Esplanade to commence from October 30.

The trial closure to vehicles will occur across a short portion of The Esplanade between the Clock Tower and The Lookout, with an eye towards pedestrian safety and supporting activation and events within the precinct.

The approximately 130m strip includes the front of the Rendezvous Hotel, Cleopatra Scarborough, Dumbo Gelato, The Peach Pit, El Grotto, Cordingley’s Surf, the Galway Hooker and The Lookout.

Scarborough Beach Road Closures

Importantly, access to the precinct via Reserve Street, Manning Street, Scarborough Beach Road and Brighton Road will remain unaffected, meaning a grand total of six parking bays will be affected.

The closure is proposed for Sundays from 4pm-2am from October 30 and Thursday evenings from 4pm-10pm from November 3 until December 2022.

“The $100 million redevelopment of the Scarborough Beach precinct has brought with it a massive increase in amenity, tourist visitation and economic development opportunities,” said City Of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin.

“The City of Stirling and WA Police have been working together closely for several years now and this trial is expected to improve the pedestrian environment for people visiting Scarborough Esplanade during the warmer months…

“Across the world, the temporary closure of short strips of road in hospitality and cultural precincts has been shown to activate streets and enable safer pedestrian movements.”

Mr Irwin also said data collection and feedback during the trial will be crucial to inform future decisions, with residents and visitors alike encouraged to share their views via the Consultation Page, which will go live on October 30.