Scitech's Latest Top Secret Exhibition

Channel The Kids’ Inner James Bond At Scitech’s Latest Exhibition, Top Secret: Licence To Spy

byPerth Is OK Staff
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If you’ve ever pointed finger guns while humming the theme to James Bond, we have got the activity for you. 

Open since 1988, Scitech has been bringing fun, interactive science to kids of all ages for decades – and the upcoming September school holidays are no different.

Top Secret: Licence To Spy is their latest exhibition, where you’ll be given the opportunity to dive into the top-secret world of espionage.

In the interactive challenge, you can go undercover, collect evidence, decode messages and solve mysteries – racing against the clock to prevent an international cybersecurity disaster.

Scitech's Latest Top Secret Exhibition

Just call us Bond, James Bond…

Like the rest of the centre, the exhibit is suited to all ages – so whether you’re six or 106, you can get into the fun!

Capacity is restricted, so make sure to book tickets for your next spy adventure HERE.