Some Ideas for How to Bring in New Years Day 2020

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You awake, bleary-eyed and confetti-covered on the first day of the new year. How will you start your 2020? Here’s a few ideas from us, to you.

Host a boozy brunch

What better way to start off the new year than surrounded by good pals and good food… and maybe some hair of the dog if your night was a big one. If you want to go all out, check out our tips for hosting a summer soiree for some ideas, but I think bacon, eggs and a giant jug of Bloody Marys would surely do the trick. But maybe the thought of hosting gives you hives, which is fair enough. Lucky for you, Scarborough Beach Bar are doing a bottomless boozy beachside brunch (say that quickly ten times). If you hosted the big bash the night before, book ahead with a service like Hangover Helpers, so you can enjoy your brunch and come back to a pristine house! How luxurious! How bougie! Is this what 2020 is going to be like? If so, I’m on board.

Keep the party going

Maybe you’re a relentless party animal and New Years Eve was just not enough. Roll out of bed and keep the party going with one of the many New Years Day events on around Perth. Running for its 14th year, beachside party Cuban Club’s all inclusive ticket features headliners Client Liaison, heaps of Latin food on offer and free flowing drinks. Ice Cream Factory will be pumping for their last Banana Social of the season, and as of publication, there are still tickets available for Origin Fields – so you can start the year off singing along to the Veronicas. I feel! So! Untouched! Right now! See? It’s like you’re there already.

Get some culture

Not to say that a turbo party isn’t cultured, but maybe it isn’t quite your speed. Freo Arts Centre are holding their 12th annual New Years Day concert, so you can lay back on the lawn under those beautiful plane trees and enjoy some reggae, soul, blues, R&B and world music. If you want to really go at your own pace, check out an exhibition – the Perth Centre for Photography is currently running an exhibition featuring the works of legendary New York street photographer Martha Cooper.

Get a head start on those New Years resolutions

No matter your resolution, there’s a way to get a head start on it ASAP. Wanting to get fit or just improve your PB? There’s quite possibly MILLIONS (maybe I’m exaggerating) of New Years Day park runs happening around Perth, you can check out a super official list with links for registering here. Determined to learn how to swing dance? Rodney’s Bait n Tackle Hot Swing is a Wednesday night institution – it’s free entry and there’s a big jazz band there to liven you up, even if you’re feeling a bit shy. If you’re trying to be a bit more altruistic this year, you can head to VolunteeringWA to check out some local organisations that could use a helping hand – whether you’re interested in conservation cleanup days, mentoring school kids, helping out carers or ESL tutoring for refugees. Short on time but with deeper pockets? Consider picking an organisation or two you can support this year with a monetary contribution. It’s 2020 and we’re gonna save the world, baby!