Finally Something To Cheer: Spirit Of Little Things Releases West Coast Eagles 30th Anniversary Gin

Spirit Of Little Things WCE Gin
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Let’s be honest, “good news” and “West Coast Eagles” are two things that haven’t really gone together very often in the year of our lord, 2022.

This week has been a rare occasion for the Eagles to celebrate, albeit not with regards to the current team, as fans and ex-players celebrate the 30th anniversary of their landmark 1992 AFL Premiership.

And with their homebase (up until the past few years) being Subiaco oval, it seems very fitting that Subi disttilery, Spirit of Little Things, has hand-crafted a special, limited release gin.

They were recently joined by former players Tony Evans (who was instrumental in getting the team back into the game in the second quarter of the 1992 Grand Final) and celebrated backman Ashley McIntosh for a taste test and some telling of old tales.

Spirit Of Little Things WCE Gin

“I remember us all walking over to the MCG for the game,” said McIntosh, “and we could feel the atmosphere on the walk, bumping into Melbourne residents. We copped a little bit of flack and to be honest with you, I think that sort of fired up the team.”

It was a huge day for AFL, marking the first time ever in AFL/VFL history the premiership cup would leave Victoria.

“There were plenty of supporters at the airport,” said Evans, “and the streets were lined with cars as we made our way to Subiaco for a big celebration. There were parts of it like getting the keys to the city, that sort of stuff, but that washes away after a while. What you’re left with is the bond and friendship of everyone who was at the club at that time and the shared experience we had with our supporters.”

Little Things’ Master Distiller is a loyal Eagles fan, and has captured the mood of the moment perfectly, marrying juniper berry with Geraldton wax – a native Western Australian aromatic found in abundance around Subiaco.

You can pre-order your Premiership Anniversary Gin via the Spirit of Little Things Website.

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