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We’ve teamed up with HBF to highlight some of the best things around WA keeping you happy and healthy, while also shining a light on supporting small Perth businesses.
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You may not have known this, but autumn is one of the best times of the year to hit the beach around Perth! The days are just as warm as summer, and easterly winds become an all-day norm making it very easy to spend extra hours amongst the sun and sand.

Because it’s not the middle of summer we can also get tricked into thinking the sun’s not as harsh, but it’s just as important to maintain your sun smarts around this time of year. Especially considering the fact that two in three Australians will get diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70, around 2000 Australians die from skin cancer each year and we have one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world (Source: SunSmart).

With that in mind we’re here to help you maintain those sun smarts, while also supporting some great local businesses while we’re at it. Check out five important ways you can keep skin cancer at bay, and the local businesses you can support while doing so:

Clothing to cover the skin

The most effective way to keep those harsh rays off your skin is of course to cover it up, and a great option for beach-ready clothing and swimwear is through Royal Lifesaving WA. They help keep us safe while swimming in the ocean, so the least we can do is support them to keep doing so, while also keeping our skin safe. Plus HBF health members can get a 15% discount on all Royal Lifesaving swimwear and safety accessories.

Another awesome local supplier that’ll at least keep the top of your legs safe is South Beach Boardies. The Freo-based label not only make board shorts from recycled plastics, but donate 5% of all profits to ocean conservation charities.

Hats on heads

Let’s be fair, these are all pretty obvious solutions keeping you sun smart, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and look good while doing it. Two great local brands doing things a little differently are Get Flapped and ga apparel.

The former have taken the concept of the Legionnaires hat and made it super bright and fun – embracing the dagginess of the old flap hat, while the latter is an up-and-coming brand from a couple of Scarborough girls specialising in two products, pool slides and bucket hats. The slides keep your feet from burning on the hot sand while the bucket hats keep your head cool (and looking cool)!

Lather on that sunscreen

Outside of clothing and hats blocking the sun, your next line of defence is sunscreen, and we’ve got another cool couple of local suppliers who can help you out. Avocado Zinc is a natural sun care business owned and operated in Perth, producing clear, SPF50 zinc-based sunscreen that’s 100% vegan, cruelty free and reef friendly, along with being great for sensitive skin types (including babies).

Meanwhile Mother SPF is another WA-based company that’s focused on sustainability and all-natural ingredients meaning no chemical UV absorbers.

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Cool shades for out of the shade

Next step, eye protection. And while we couldn’t find any Perth-based sunglass brands (although rumour has it one of Perth Is OK’s directors has thousands sitting in his shed following a failed business venture years ago), HBF health members get 10% off sunglasses at Sunglass Hut online and in store.

A beach umbrella that won’t blow away

Beach umbrellas are a great way to help you spend longer at the beach without sacrificing your skin to do so. The only issue is finding something sturdy enough to not fly away at the slightest breeze. Enter Perth-based company Finbrella, operating since 2012 with a novel umbrella design that is essentially a “rotatable shade umbrella with a fin”. Simple and effective, they also look cool and work a treat.

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