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In spite of the global pandemic it looks the American Invasion is resuming! That’s right, Western Australia is getting its first ever Taco Bell, the massive American food chain specialising in quick service dining and Mexican-inspired dishes. We’re not sure where you sit on the “American food chain arriving in Perth good/bad” fence, but it is happening and here’s what you need to know.

Where is it opening?

Taco Bell currently has a network of 22 restaurants around Australia in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and the latest location will be in Midland. You’ll be able to dine-in or takeaway at 226 Great Eastern Highway.

When is it opening?

Doors officially open at 10am on Wednesday 29 September.

Taco Bell Midland Menu

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What’s on the menu?

While we don’t have an official menu for the Midland Taco Bell, it’s fairly safe to say it’ll be the same as what’s on offer around the rest of the country, offering the likes of Grilled Stuft Burritos, California Burritos, Cheese Double Decker Tacos, Beef Cheesy Burritos, nachos, bowls, Stacked Chips, “Snackaritos” and more. Essentially “Mexican-inspired” food with a lot more cheese – check out the full menu HERE.

Taco Bell also offers unlimited soft drink refills, and the snack menu features items starting as little as $2.

What’s the restaurant like?

Taco Bell Midland will be takeaway and dine-in, and if you do enjoy your meal at the restaurant you can expect an impressive fit-out featuring indoor and outdoor dining, open kitchen, colourful pop ups, custom furniture and an original mural from revered Perth artist Handbrake. There’ll also be charging stations and free wi-fi.

Opening hours

The restaurant will trade Monday to Sunday from 10am-11pm.

For more information head to the Taco Bell WEBSITE.