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    American fast food chain Taco Bell will arrive in Perth in 2021, according to a Facebook post from Australian franchisee rights holders Collins Foods today.

    The post didn’t say much, except: “We’re on our way to WA. Taco Bell Perth coming in HOT in 2021.”

    An article on Perth Now has filled in a few more of the gaps, revealing that Taco Bell are looking for staff for a Midland store, and that they’re part of an application for a new development in Ellenbrook.

    The massive fast food chain already has 20 locations across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, to go with around 7000 around the world.

    These two restaurants will be the first time it has appeared in Perth, although if you ask we don’t really need ’em given we already have a huge range of excellent MEXICAN RESTAURANTS AND BARS.

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