Tame Impala Have Released A Special Isolation Mix Of ‘The Slow Rush’

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Cottesloe Beach. The Bell Tower. The weird green cactus thing in Forrest Chase.

All beloved Western Australian icons.

This illustrious list is also that surely must include Kevin Richard Parker, the brains behind one of the world’s biggest music acts – Tame Impala.

Back in February (which feels like 2005 at this point), he released the fourth Tame Impala album – ‘The Slow Rush’ – one that is, well, pretty damn great.

Along with that album release came news of massive Australian headline tour, which has since been sadly cancelled.

And while it’s not going to replace seeing Tame Impala live, today Parker dropped a special re-working of that album called ‘The Slow Rush In An Imaginary Place’:

“I made something for all you isolators out there. I call it The Slow Rush In An Imaginary Place. Headphones required for full immersive effect. See you in there.”

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Pitchfork likened it to listening to the album while in a bathroom at a party, and as weird as it sounds, it’s pretty apt.

It also might sound dumb, but tell you what, we’ve had our headphones on listening to it for a while now, and it’s pretty damn captivating.

And most of all weirdly comforting hearing the sounds of groups of people around you.

Love ya Kev <3