RTRFM Planet Perth Podcast Atlantis Marine Park

This Brand New Podcast Is Doing A Deep Dive Into Perth’s Strangest Stories

bySally Hall
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It should come as no surprise that we enjoy dipping our toes into the weird and wonderful stories of Perth’s history – and the wackier the better!

Through our series Remember When, we’ve looked back on plenty of unusual tales, from Wanneroo’s long-lost Lion Safari Park to Scarborough’s rocking and rolling Snake Pit, but now a local podcast is exploring even more of Perth’s most intriguing stories – and it’s launching today!

RTRFM Planet Perth Podcast Atlantis Marine Park

Hosted by longtime RTRFM presenter and journalist Jeff Bullen, brand new podcast Planet Perth will be taking a deep dive into memories of bygone icons, personalities and events – and even some unexplained mysterious happenings.

Each of the seven episodes will uncover a new (and often pretty wild!) topic, from unexplained UFO sightings to military tank joy rides through Perth’s CBD, the recently-revived Liberty Theatre and of course, the iconic Atlantis Marine Park.

RTRFM Planet Perth Podcast Atlantis Marine Park

The series will also touch on Perth icons, like the lesser-known history of the conti kings at the Re Store, and the man behind some of our city’s most iconic architecture, Iwan Iwanoff.

RTRFM Planet Perth Podcast Re Store

“Most people think Perth is a sleepy, isolated city but in reality it has a life and history utterly unique to its environment and culture,” Planet Perth producer Danielle Raffaele told us.

“No matter your age or relationship to Perth, you’ll find something interesting and insightful  in this new series.” 

Planet Perth is out now, and you can listen to the first episode by going to the RTRFM website, or via your favourite podcast streaming app.