Thomas Dambo's iconic troll sculptures are coming to Mandurah this year.

5 Huge Wooden Giants Will Be Popping Up Around Mandurah Later This Year

bySally Hall
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Internationally renowned Danish artist Thomas Dambo is bringing his iconic, giant sculptures to Mandurah, with the artworks scheduled to be completed at the end of 2022.

Dambo’s troll sculptures (now at a whopping 87) can be found around the world, having exhibited in Denmark, USA, France, Germany, China, South Korea and Chile. Driven by not-for-profit arts organisation FORM Building a State of Creativity in collaboration with the City of Mandurah and Tourism WA, the Mandurah series of site-specific sculptures will be build in at least five secret locations to be discovered and explored, with the gentle giants intended to be protectors of the environment.

Thomas Dambo's iconic troll sculptures are coming to Mandurah this year.
Gro by Thomas Dambo, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Maine, USA. Photograph courtesy of Thomas Dambo.

Celebrating the importance of the natural world, Dambo’s sculptures are hand crafted using recycled and locally sourced materials, emphasising the urgency of environmental sustainability and the possibilities found in materials that would otherwise be wasted:

“We can design an entire world out of trash when we know what to do with it. That’s why I build these larger-than-life projects out of recycled wood and materials. I hope my work inspires others to be kinder to nature and our planet.”

The sculptures will utilise stories of Mandurah and inspiration from the local community, and will be free to view in their outdoor locations.

Header image: The Six Forgotten Giants – Little Tilde by Thomas Dambo, Copenhagen, Denmark. Photograph courtesy of Thomas Dambo.