Town Team Movement are celebrating the DOer’s of Perth with a new book!

Town Team Movement
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If there’s one thing we love to celebrate more than Perth itself, it’s the many members of the community who are the backbone of making it more than just OK!

And one integral component of championing those people and making their community dreams a reality is the Town Team Movement.

It’s a non-profit social enterprise that works with the proactive people of Perth to improve its spaces and places, strengthening the bonds that build our communities and improving local areas.

Town Team Movement

Last year they published ‘The Book of DOing: 100 Town Teams in Action’ showcasing 100 community-driven initiatives around Western Australia that have all contributed to improving the social fabric of Perth in a variety of different ways, from the macro to the micro.

This year Town Team Movement are working on a sequel, ‘The Book of Doers’, with the simple ethos of highlighting the people DOing great things around Perth.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be showcasing some of the legends doing great things within the WA community, and if you’ve got any hot tips on Town Teamer’s that deserve a shoutout – let us know.

Head to the Town Team Movement website to learn more today.

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