UWA Has Announced $15K And $45K Scholarships To Study At Its Albany Campus

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Hey you! Yes you. Are you thinking of studying an undergraduate degree or completing honours in 2021?

Do you also see Albany as a beautiful coastal town in our State’s South West region that you could live in for a while?

While we’re definitely guilty of the latter, if you answered yes to both questions then we’ve got some potentially great news for you courtesy of The University of Western Australia (UWA).

UWA’s Albany campus has just been successful in receiving funding for two new Destination Australia Scholarships.

The first is for 9 students looking to pursue an undergraduate degree, valued at $45,000 over the course of your degree (get all undergrad scholarship details here).

The second is for 4 students who are already undergrads, and are seeking to pursue honours, valued at $15,000 (get all Honours scholarship details here).

These scholarships are designed to assist high achieving students to relocate to WA’s stunning south coast and pursue a qualification at UWA’s Albany campus (pictured below).

The courses you can study in Albany are understandably tied to the region, like History and Heritage, Indigenous Knowledge, Conservation Biology, Environmental Science, and Marine Biology.

There’s plenty more to choose from though, like Anthropology and Sociology, English and Literary Studies, History, Accounting, and Management.

If you’ve read much of our site or seen our Instagram you’ll already know we’re pretty huge fans of Albany as a destination – it’s a place filled with pristine beaches, a bubbling food and drink scene, wineries, distilleries and an incredible appreciation for its history, culture and arts scene.

Still not sure? Here’s more than 30 awesome things to do in and around Albany.

Plus Albany’s already setup with modern, affordable student accommodation just across the road from the campus.

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Don’t just take it from us though, hear from Michael who studied the Bachelor of Arts: “Since graduating I’ve gained a permanent job as a Geospatial Information Officer.

“I’m applying the knowledge and experience I gained at UWA Albany to lead the development of an Aboriginal and Dual Naming Support Package for local government, Aboriginal corporations and the general public across the entire state.”

Keen? Who wouldn’t be?! Applications close February 28, so start yours now:

Destination Australia Rural Scholarship

Destination Australia Honours Scholarship