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Header image by Evan Collins for DFES.

After what now feels like a very quaint start of the year, Western Australians have copped it from a few fronts in February 2021, but none more so than those affected by the bushfires that have been raging in Perth’s hills since the start of the month.

At the time of publishing (morning of February 5), 86 properties have been destroyed along with 10,000 hectares burnt by a fire that now stretches a massive 136km perimiter.

For the latest emergency warnings please head straight to the Department of Fire And Emergency Services WEBSITE.

As we are wont to do, West Aussies have immediately turned our attention towards how we can help, and we’ve tried to gather as many options below as we can to point you in the right direction.

Given the current situation with COVID-19 restrictions, for now people are encouraged to donate online however much they can, and here’s a few options to get you started:

Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund

This is the most prominent appeal doing the rounds, an appeal established in conjunction with the State Government way back in 1961, activated whenever a disaster/emergency is declared by the WA Government or the LMDRF Board considers assistance warranted.

The Wooroloo And Hills Bushfire 2021 Appeal has been launched, and has so far raised over $4 million dollars.

Donate here.

GoFundMe – Direct To Bushfire Victims

GoFundMe has set up a Perth Bushfires specific landing page, where all current (and certified) GoFundMes for people affected by the Perth bushfires can be found.

There you’ll find over 20 specific GoFundMe campaigns for families directly impacted by bushfires in the past few days.

Donate here.

Native Animal Rescue

Native Animal Rescue is a not-for-profit NGO located in Malaga – so right on the front line.

Donations here will help the on-site animal hospital and care for the an expected huge influx of injured and animals over the coming months.

Donate here.


Right now RSCPA’s Animal Care Centre in Malaga is still on bushfire alert, and as such cannot take in new animals in case they need to evacuate.

That will hopefully change in coming days, but you can still donate now.

Donate here.

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Better Life Animal Sanctuary

Both Happy Hooves Animal Sanctuary and Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary fall under this umbrella, and are in desperate need of a dedicated fire fighting unit.

They’re asking for donations to help them upgrade their current system and buy new fire fighting trailers to help in the future.

Donate here.

These are just a few of the more specific donation points you can help out, but there are also places like Red Cross and the The Salvation Army who will help the community in times like these.

If you’ve got any further suggestions we can add to the list, please email hi[at]perthisok[dot]com.