WA Just Recorded Its First 24hrs With No New Coronavirus Cases

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Well Western Australia, it’s been a tough month-and-a-bit, but we think you deserve to pause just for a minute and gives yourself a quick, quiet, solo pat on the back.

Mark McGowan has announced via Facebook that for the first time in six weeks, over the past 24 hours WA has recorded no new COVID-19 cases.

“For the first time since the 12th of March, Western Australia has recorded no new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. This is an outstanding result, and comes on top of a week of very low numbers for our State. Thank to all those Western Australians who have been listening to the advice and following the new rules. We’ve all played a part in getting to this result.”

While pointing out the importance of everyone adhering to recent measures put in place to slow the spread of the virus, Mr McGowan was quick to point out that it’s not over yet.

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“But it’s only natural that it makes us all wonder whether and when we’ll be able to start winding those measures back. It’s something we’ll keep considering, based on the best health advice, in a cautious and considered manner. Despite the good results, the fact is that the threat is still out there,” he said.

“… These strict measures are so important. But the fact is, there are still around 100 active cases in Western Australia at the moment. We can’t afford to let that number start to climb back up – especially after we’ve done so well, so far. We will continue to reassess the restrictions which are in place and whether they can or should be adjusted or relaxed at both a state and national level.”

Mr McGowan noted that his government will continue listening to the experts, acting with caution on their say so, “as we have done with our soft start to school for Term 2.”

Australia on the whole has seen a successful flattening of the curve in the most recent weeks, so we ought to take a second and be proud of it.

But as Mr McGowan pointed out in the end of his announcement: “…We need to stay patient and vigilant. We cannot become complacent.”