What Is Ducktober And How Can You Get Involved This Month?

Waves of Wellness, Ducktober
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One in five Australians experience a mental illness during their lifetime, and Waves of Wellness is encouraging all of us to give a duck!

During the month of Ducktober, the surf therapy charity is challenging us all to channel Wim Hof and immerse ourselves in cold water every day for 20 days (or the whole month!). While you’ll be gaining the science-backed benefits of cold water therapy – strengthening your mental and physical health – you’ll also be raising integral funds to support WOW’s mental health surf therapy programs.

Waves of Wellness, Ducktober

Waves of Wellness clinically-based surf therapy programs aim to empower those who are experiencing mental health challenges across a broad range of communities. Over six and eight week long programs, participants not only learn how to surf, but create connections and engage with therapists. WOW also delivers a range of workplace wellbeing programs to support your team’s mental health.

To find out more about how you can get involved, head to the Ducktober website.