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Kitten Season is almost here  and the good people at Cat Haven are advising people what to do if they find stray, young kittens as cat breeding season approaches.

“Please don’t touch or move the kittens unless they are in a dangerous area, as the mother will probably be nearby. Just put some food and water out for the mother and keep an eye on the kittens. If they are in good condition, clean and plump then you can assume they are feeding from the mother so we can organise to trap the mother first, then the kittens. If, after many hours there is still no sign that the mother is around, then place the kittens in a box with plenty of bedding for warmth and contact your council, Cat Haven or another rescue group as soon as you can.

It is crucial for newborn kittens to receive the nutrition from the mother cat’s milk during the first couple of days of their lives and many kittens will not survive if separated from the mother during the first week of their life.

Stopping the cycle is the best way to prevent shelters not only in Australia but worldwide from receiving thousands of unplanned, unwanted and abandoned kittens every year. It is also law to have cats sterilised, microchipped and registered by the time the cat is 6 months old.” Lauren Nesbitt, Cat Haven Fundraising and Marketing Assistant Said.

Cat Haven rely on generous donations from the public to keep their doors open every year and are committed to remaining an ‘open admission shelter’, never turning away a cat.

To learn more or donate check out their website here.

Downloadable Kitten Flow Chart