Your shout! Another beer tax comes into effect today for lovers of the golden nectar

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As the old adage goes, nothing is certain in this world except death and taxes, and a half-yearly beer tax increase has become like clockwork for West Aussies over the past few years.

Even since we only started reporting on it last year, every six months in Australia the price of beer increases in line with inflation, and after a 2.1% increase at the start of 2022 and a 3.7% rise in January this year, today’s latest tax increase has come into effect.

The 2.2% increase means the beer tax has gone up by over 10% in just the last 12 months, and also gives us the unwanted bronze medal when it comes to the cost of beer globally, overtaking Japan to be behind only Norway and Finland.

Australian Brewers Association (ABA) Chief Executive John Preston’s pleas for Government intervention continue to fall on deaf ears.

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“While the Treasurer inherited these automatic half-yearly beer tax increases, we’re calling on the government to step in and take some action before a trip to the pub or a dinner out with the family becomes an unaffordable luxury for most Australians,” he said.

“We don’t believe these increases are now actually raising any more money for the Government. They are just hurting beer drinkers and our pubs and clubs.”

The ABA says the new tax equates to about $20 in tax for a carton of full-strength beer, with publicans copping around $80 in tax for a full-strength keg.

Looks like we need legends like the team behind Swan Watch more than ever!

Image Credit: El Grotto