5 Handy Tips To Help You Enjoy Broome’s High Season Over The Next Few Months

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Broome is just about to enter what may be one of its busiest high seasons ever, with cheap airfares to the Western Australia tourism hotspot making it easier to get to for Aussies all over the country. We managed to sneak up there just before peak season started to really kick into gear, and thought it’d be worthwhile to share a few little tips to go along with our longer guide for things to do – which you can check out HERE.

If you haven’t already booked your hire care, you might already be too late!

At the on-set of the COVID pandemic last year many car hire places were forced to offload a bunch of their fleet just to stay in business. This has created a serious shortage in 2021 as they attempt to deal with a massive influx of visitors flying in and needing something to get around during their stay.

We managed to jag a scooter for a few days, which was more than enough to get us between town and Cable Beach, and even out to Gantheuame Point. If you’re looking to get further out for some exploring you’ll need something a little bigger though, so we suggest having a look around now.

Aside from the majors (Budget, Hertz etc.) there are a few local options that may be able to help you out like Sunrise Car Hire, Broome Broome and Luggers Kar Rentals.

Likewise, get booking when it comes to restaurant dinners

Even ahead of the high season a lot of Broome’s more popular restaurants were already booked up weeks in advance. Combined with the fact a lot of resort restaurants reserve much of their seating for guests, it can make things a little difficult. That said, there are work arounds – it may just mean you’ll need to eat a little earlier! Which is fine because you’ll need to get to bed early for all the adventuring the next day.

We managed to get prime seats at the Mangrove Hotel for the Staircase To The Moon just by getting there nice and early (they do walk-ins only), along with a stunning Cable Beach sunset sipping cocktails at Zanders At Cable Beach. There’s also a ripper spot close to Zanders with equally stunning sunset views, great tunes, cheap beers and a food truck on the weekend, but that’s all we’ll say.

Mangrove Hotel

Taxis are around, but they’re also super busy

The number of taxis available around Broome has definitely improved over the years, and while there are more options they’re still absolutely flat out. They’re also not the cheapest way to get around town, but the most direct.

One useful service we found once we had to give up our beloved scooter was Broome Private Taxis, an online service that lets you book taxis ahead of time and provides you with contact numbers for taxi drivers direct. Your best bet is to find a driver you like and as long as you’re relatively flexible with your travel times, they’ll do their best to help you out when you need it!

The Broome Explorer Bus is another way to get around, although its reliability varies (improving during peak season) and can be quite expensive (a multi-day pass increases value), but worth it if you plan on using it a lot and can crack the service time codes!

Pay attention to what’s going on with the tides

People talk about the monster tides in Broome but until you actually get to see it in action you really can’t understand it. The huge receding tides will reveal relics of the past like dinosaur footprints and World War II plane wrecks, but you’ll need to time your run to maximise the experience.

For the plane wrecks your best bet is to follow the tide out as it goes, lest you get stuck out a kilometre offshore as the sun goes down and water starts to fill back in and millions of midgies attack your ankles. Dinosaur footprints will also disappear as quickly as they appeared, and if you’re having trouble finding them you can always book a tour. Otherwise just keep your eyes out for people who have already found them and will no doubt be happy to point you in the right direction.

World War II Flying Boat Wrecks

Lock up your valuables

An unfortunate by-product of Broome’s booming tourism industry is the rise of petty theft, both out on the town and amongst resort villas – usually after dark. Make sure you use hotel safes for valuables, lock up your car properly and place a latch across your room/villa door if one is available to do so. Most of the crime up there is very opportunistic, and by removing the opportunity you’ll generally be fine.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to relax – you’re on Broome time baby!

As with many tourism destinations around WA experiencing a massive influx of people who would normally be heading overseas this time of year, there’ll be a few delays and minor frustrations on your trip, but just try and go with it. For instance if you can’t get into a place for dinner, why not set up a picnic on Cable Beach as the tide goes out and enjoy a private sunset all to yourself. Or pop into the pub for a cold pint, a parmi and a bit of local charm. Who knows, you might even meet a friendly local who’ll show you around town for a couple of days?!

Extra bonus tip…find this place!


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