Check Out These Breathtaking Views Of WA From Photographer Ginger Imagery

byTroy Mutton
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Drone photos – seen one seen ’em all, right?

In recent years drone photography has given us some spectacular and unique views of Western Australia’s diverse landscapes – our Instagram page is testament to that.

And while they’ll never fail to impress, sometimes it can start to feel a little same-same (to be fair though we’ll never get enough of it).

That said there’s still plenty of potential for drone photography to inspire awe, and that’s just what these photos from Imogen Blow AKA Ginger Imagery have done to us today.

Blow has discovered areas of WA we’re not used to seeing, and showcased in a fashion that’s immediately gripping.

She’s about to launch a new exhibition in The Moore’s Building down in Fremantle, running from January 29 until February 14.

Ahead of checking out the full exhibition yourself, we’ve got a little sneak peek below – check ’em out:

These captures are made to look like paintings, challenging people’s preconceptions of photography.

“The aim is to create a sense of dissociation while your brain works out what part of the earth they are actually looking at.”

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