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    Itching to get out of the house and away from your desk? Sometimes, all you need is a change of scenery to get those creative juices flowing.
    Whether you’re polishing off that freelance project, getting your life admin done or hoping to smash out that essay, these spots around Perth will help you get your productivity into full gear.

    Foam Coffee Bar

    Perched nicely in the heart of Perth, Foam Coffee Bar offers free WiFi, great finger food and is miraculously open from 7am to 10pm every day. If you’re lucky enough, you can grab a seat at the large table beneath the gigantic world map – a prime spot for people-watching and general productivity. Did we mention they have loyalty cards?

    Moore & Moore Fremantle

    Easy on the eyes, Moore & Moore in Fremantle features a spacious, breezy courtyard perfect for working. If you need a break, simply wander around their the adjoining art gallery next door. With everything from classic brunch ware and halloumi burgers to kombucha, there’s much to choose from when you’re feeling peckish.

    Gordon St Garage West Perth

    Free WiFi aside, Gordon St Garage is a winner with its stunning industrial warehouse vibes, which make for great eye candy. If you’re searching for a modern cafe/restaurant where you can get work done one hour, and fit in your dinner catch-up in the next, this one takes the cake.

    Yelo Mount Hawthorn

    Small but bustling with locals, Yelo is always alive with atmosphere – and on top of that, extremely parent-friendly. (Note their children’s play area.) With organic varieties of tea, acai bowls and freshly served food, there’s a whole array of healthy and nutritious options ready to give you that bit of extra brainpower. We admit, their enticing menu might get a little distracting!

    Gather Northbridge Northbridge

    Formerly known as Little Bird Cafe, Gather Northbridge has been recently reinvented, and for a great cause. Their new non-for-profit model means you can enjoy your meal while knowing that it contributes to funding towards the Ester Foundation and Bridge House. For when inspiration strikes, reward yourself with one (or two) of their freshly baked goods. WiFi and vegan options included!

    Ootong & Lincoln South Fremantle

    Perhaps one of the most famous cafes on South Terrace, Ootong & Lincoln is glorious in all the right ways. You could never go past it without recognising its iconic zebra mural. With its open layout, delicious menu, free WiFi and charming retro finishes, there’s everything you could ever need to feel right at home. Just simply type away as you enjoy the sea breeze!

    Cranked Coffee Leederville

    For those who prefer to travel by train, this all-in-one cafe is a no-fuss destination to get to. Simply hop off at Leederville train station and make your way down to the beginning of the Leederville cafe strip, and ta-da. Greeting you with a cosy interior and an equally charming outdoor dining area, Cranked Coffee is a relaxing work/play station indeed. Plus, there’s free WiFi.

     City of Perth Library Perth

    Last but not least, the City of Perth Library deserves an honourable mention, for it certainly is no ordinary library. Sitting on the upper floor, its outdoor terrace offers an open outlook of the city as it meets the sparkling Swan River. As you’ll come to find, it’s one of the few places in the Perth CBD where you can duck away and enjoy some peace and quiet.


    About the author: 

     is a full-time tea addict and freelance copywriter, whose most notable trait is rating chai lattes with a passion. Wherever possible, she will try to convert you into being an opshop enthusiast. She also feels strongly about her rescue dog (or dogs in general), and is likely to claw her way to the front at your local gig.

    Cover photo by Wu Yi DORIC