Grab Ya Flippers, The 2021 Whale Shark Season Has Commenced Early At Ningaloo

byTroy Mutton
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While summer may be on the way out around Perth (especially if yesterday is anything to go by), our State’s north west is just about to start firing up.

And some exciting news filtered down over the weekend with the Ningaloo reef’s whale shark season commencing a little earlier than usual.

Last Friday Exmouth-based tour operators Ningaloo Discovery had their first guests for the season drop in with the docile creatures as they swim along the reef, with whale shark tours now operating daily.


In the coming days and weeks the rest of the region’s whale shark operators will commence their own tours from Coral Bay and Exmouth, so now is the time to get booking.

Typically occurring between March and July, the Ningaloo whale shark season is triggered by the annual coral spawning that occurs in conjunction with the full moon.

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Header image: Ningaloo Discovery