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    All photos David Chong – @perthphotography.

    While you may not have heard of luxury retreat Tresara Residence yet, having just been featured in a spread in Vogue Australia we get the feeling it won’t remain a secret for much longer, so consider this a little hot tip for you. The 38 acre property was purchased by former WA premier Colin Barnett in the mid-2000s as a weekend getaway, and since then son Sam Barnett decided to turn part of the property into a luxury retreat: “Dad provided the support to do this. It would not have been possible without him.”

    The house is split into three separate living suites connected via outdoor paths and surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens, home to a flock of very fancy peacocks that add to the drama of the place. Even better, each of the suites has its own outdoor bubble bath, an incredibly tantalising proposition given the clear night skies you’ll experience in the Avon Valley. An on-site chef prepares a seasonal breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, featuring ingredients grown on and around the property, something you’ll need after a day of horse riding.

    Which is really what the property is all about – Tresara Residence features complimentary experiences like equestrian lessons and trail riding, along with access to a luxurious outdoor pool complete with cabanas for maximum relaxation.

    We’ll leave the rest up to you – head to the Tresara Residence WEBSITE to enquire about your next relaxing weekend away now.