Heyscape Tiny Cabins

Get Off The Grid In These Tiny Cabins At Various Spots All Within A Couple Of Hours From Perth

byTroy Mutton
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Heyscape Tiny Cabins is the brainchild WA-based duo Pierre and Sam, lovers of nature and digital detoxes, they sought to create experiences of solitude amongst the natural landscape. Something similar to camping (and just as unintrusive), although slightly more accessible and with a few little creature comforts.

And so Heyscape is a an array of purpose-built tiny cabins, taking up tiny spaces on big private properties and a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from the daily drudgery. Stylishly appointed with stunning views, their “outposts” are all within a couple of hours drive from Perth, (mostly) accessible by 2WD and perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

Heyscape Tiny Cabins Field

All the cabins are kitted out with everything you’ll need for a minimalist getaway, including:

– Queen bed and linen
– Hot shower and towels
– Private toilet
– Campfire grill / BBQ
– Wood fire
– Air-con
– Two-burner stove
– Sink and drinking Water
– Chair and picnic table
– Salt and pepper
– Eco hand and body wash

Head to the Heyscape Website now to start planning your next digital detox, and check out a few photos below:

Heyscape Tiny Cabins Bush

Heyscape Tiny Cabins Exterior

Heyscape Tiny Cabins

Heyscape Tiny Cabins Interior

Heyscape Tiny Cabins Bed

Head to Heyscape’s Website for more information.