Global Nature Brand Unyoked Unveils 3 New Tiny Cabins In Hidden WA Locations

Unyoked Cabins Perth
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Unyoked is a globally recognised nature brand working to connect people with the outdoors through their 75 immersive cabin locations spread across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

It’s well known that modern day living brings stress, mental fatigue and low productivity. Spending some time in nature is the perfect solution to relax and unwind and Unyoked provide exactly that with their tranquil cabin retreats.

Unyoked Western Australia Tiny Cabin

Unyoked’s secluded locations are specially selected so you are fully immersed in nature and able to authentically connect with the outdoors, leaving your hideaway feeling “unyoked”.

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The company believes that spending time in nature yields endless benefits for your mind, body and creativity, with the concept of nature immersion scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve creative problem solving and inspire feelings of awe and perspective.

Unyoked Cabins Perth

Now having just learnt all that, you’ll be as excited as we were to find out Unyoked have just launched their first three cabins at a hidden location only a couple of hours away from Perth!

The new cabins are surrounded by bushland, and they are the first retreats to have private access to one of the region’s most secluded, unspoilt beaches.

Unyoked Western Australia Tiny Cabin

“We’re super excited to bring our concept to Perth,” said Cam Grant, Unyoked co-founder. “Growing up spending a lot of time in the outdoors around WA was one of the experiences that led us to create Unyoked. That sense of freedom, closeness with nature and little dose of adventure we have in our youth is a big part of what’s missing from modern life. We created this whole thing to help people build a bit of that magic back into their day-to-day, and we couldn’t be more stoked to be bringing it back to where it all started…”

Unyoked Western Australia Tiny Cabin
Unyoked Western Australia Tiny Cabin

If this sounds like the perfect escape for you to relax and unwind, book your getaway in one of their new cabin locations here.