How Your Lotto Tickets Are Providing Assistance To This Crucial Transplant Organisation

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Have you ever wondered where the available profits from your Lotto tickets go (aside from the big prizes)?

Along with putting you in the running to win a life-transforming prize, a portion of your Lotto ticket helps make great things happen around the state to the tune of $323 million via Lotterywest’s grants program last financial year!

One of the many examples of West Aussies helped out by the program is via Lotterywest’s contribution to Transplant Australia.

Transplant WA

Transplant Australia provides valuable assistance to those waiting for or who have received a life-saving organ or tissue transplant as well as the families of those who have provided the ultimate gift and living donors.

Its mission is to promote organ and tissue donation so that the 1,800 Australians currently waiting have the best chance for a second chance at life.

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Run by 20 volunteers and with over 400 members, Transplant Australia is a labour of love for all involved, making recent Lotterywest’s grants of $47,600 and $162,900 even more valuable.

Those funds recently supported a vital camp in Busselton for families impacted by organ transplantation – providing education and  invaluable opportunities for families to connect and share lived experiences. This was especially important following three years of COVID lockdown.

Transplant WA

Many of these families are now preparing for Transplant Australia’s biggest event yet – hosting the World Transplant Games in Perth in April. With 1,500 participants from 50 countries, the event promotes the gift of life while helping transplant recipients to achieve a personal best on the sporting field. More information at

If you want to learn more about how Lotterywest grants are helping the WA community head to the Lotterywest Dream State Story Hub.

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