Nanrod Ebikes Are Levelling Up Perth’s Bike Game

Nanrod Ebikes Perth
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We don’t know about you, but sitting in traffic for hours is not how we like to spend our time – particularly when we think of the environmental impact. Plus, those eye-watering prices at the petrol pump certainly don’t help.

Luckily, Perth has a pretty nifty network of bike paths linking to the city, although if you’re not a fully-fledged member of the lycra brigade, you may need a little boost of power: enter, Nanrod’s oh-so-cool ebikes.

Nanrod Ebikes Perth

Blending all the best bits of European inner-city biking culture and Perth’s coastal lifestyle, these are no ordinary bikes. Stylish and sleek with a little bit of grit, these will take you from the beach to the office without batting an eyelid.

If you’re a newbie to the world of ebikes, their entry model is the Torquay (pictured, above). For something with a bit more oomph, their latest model is the Inji (cover photo) – a heavy hitter, this bad boy features dual suspension, higher amp hour batter (longer lasting) and a motorcycle headlight.

They also just look like a helluva lot of fun!

Both models are available in a range of snazzy colours – from crisp whites, army greens to black-on-black-on-black, plus there’s a range of accessories to fully kit your new bike out.

Better for the environment, better for your wallet, fresh air in your hair and heaps of fun?

It’s a no-brainer really, and you can check out Nanrod’s website over HERE.