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Sure, we’ve been guilty of pilfering a neighbour’s overhanging orange or two, but why not go legit and hit up one of these local pick-your-own orchards?

This list is comprised of more general fruit picking around Perth, but we’ve also made a separate list devoted to strawberry picking, or you can find the next best thing at Perth’s best farmers markets.

Core Cider

What can’t Core do, y’know? Cruise up for a delicious lunch, a cider flight, a picnic amongst the apple trees… As if that wasn’t enough, you can jump aboard the Apple Express for a tractor ride and seasonal tours through the orchard. Springtime sees the trees explode into a cloud of pink blossoms, during summer you can harvest plums and pears, while autumn brings persimmons, apples and a spectacular gold, orange and red throughout the orchard. During winter you can visit Core for their epic Fire, Fable and Feast festival and citrus harvest.

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35 Merrivale Road, Pickering Brook

The Fruit Corner

Family owned for generations, The Fruit Corner has more produce on offer than you can shake a stick at, just about year-round. With pick-your-own veggies as well as fruit available, you can really stock up the larder – produce includes the ubiquitous apple varieties, spaghetti squash, chillies, capsicums, eggplants, plus heaps more. Cherry picking should start in November, which gets us more in the Aussie Christmas spirit more than any carols ever could!

1 Bracken Road, Pickering Brook

S&R Orchard

Springtime is for S&R Orchard, with the picturesque farm becoming a spectacular sea of pink – and an Instagram hotspot, complete with photo props and food trucks. But the fun doesn’t end there, with the summer festival running between December and March a prime opportunity to pick your own fruits, including plums and nectarines.

36 Halleendale Road, Walliston

Carmel Cherry Farm

Another cherry picking having, Carmel Cherry Farm is home to some of the plumpest, reddest cherries you’ve ever seen. And while those ruby-red fruits are enticing enough, the small farm also has lychee and loquat picking on offer, when the seasons allow. Check in around November for and sign up to their waitlist to make sure you get amongst the action!

Where To Pick Your Own Fruit In Perth, Carmel Cherry Farm

Padbury Pickings

Have a really “grape” time (we couldn’t resist) picking your own grapes at Padbury Pickings’ farm. After the roaring success of their first season in 2020, the farm has begun regular summer grape picking weekends, with their vines practically heaving with juicy grapes over the warmer months.

Where To Pick Your Own Fruit In Perth, Padbury Pickings, Herne Hille

62 Padbury Avenue, Herne Hill

Walkalina Park Olives

A little further afield, venture out to Gingin for some olive picking at Walkalina Park. Producing organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, the farm also opens its doors for you to come and pick your own olives. If you’re lucky, you might even get a visit from their pet lamb!

Where To Pick Your Own Fruit In Perth, Walkalina Park Olives, Gingin

866 Hancock Place, Gingin

Header image: Core Cider